The Saltwater Cafe on Fish Street, St Ives is a must. It is tiny but well worth the visit. Book in advance and have the crab pasta if it is on...delicious

NicolaBK, Chester


This very small restaurant is tucked away but book and find it. The food is unusual and superb, the ambience is relaxed and friendly.

OxfordCorben, Oxford


Just a table now. This small but perfectly formed restaurant is a real gem. The food, wine and atmosphere are all you could wish for and we had the best meal out here all holiday (and we ate at the top 4 on here). So much so that we came three times! The crab linguine is delicious as are the 'Saltwater ' scallops. My husband's favourite was the seafood risotto. The one thing that did it for us though is the chef/owner said that the kids could have whatever they wanted. She whipped up a tomato sauce with pasta for my daughter and fishcakes with chips and tomato sauce for my son...a real hit! I can't recommend this place enough...we will be back Saltwater!

icubetty, East Midland


I must admit to having been visiting St Ives for over 25 years at various times during the year. One of the reasons is the quality Restaurants and we know many of them. The Salt Water café in Fish Street is a favourite and is a little Gem. Small dining area but with a lovely ambience and you will need to book. The owner does the cooking, cares about what she produces and invariably its first rate. I’m not recommending anything in particular as most everything is worth trying. The only drawback is that the menu does not change much but that does mean you get consistency. Give this a try, terrific place.

salochin8, North Wales


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